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When the Electricity Goes Out

My ears start to focus on what’s going outside. All I can hear are the cars whizzing by, the rumblings of a nearby construction site, some indiscernible white noise, and even a few calling birds. My cat is chasing her tail, otherwise, the apartment would stand completely still. Stiller than ever. Not even empty nights … Continue reading

Some People

Some People – Some people are big, Some people are small, Some people are neither, But never “too tall”. – Some people have marks, Or scars like Harry Potter’s, But fair or dark, We all still need water! – Some people have hair, Some people are smooth, Some people don’t even care About the fountain … Continue reading

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish I could be a life form that was incapable of thinking. One that didn’t have the deceiving notion that they had control over what happens to them next. A life form that had no control over its fate, one that is grounded. I wonder what it would be like to be a … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses.   Dreams of a smell, flashbacks of a memory. A wake up call – the phone rings triumphantly. She hears his voice, his face a blur – a crackling voice through her speaker.   Bliss fills her, endorphin thrills. Goosebumps; oh! That aircon chill. Every morning, love is reintroduced – … Continue reading

A Story Of Humanity

A Story Of Humanity

A little less than a year ago (April 2012), my best friend and I came up with the idea for a place where one could share their experience/story of a random act of kindness with others – to inspire and reignite our faith in humanity. Most of us get so caught up in the negativity … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Ghostwriter

Daily Prompt: Ghostwriter. If you could have any author – living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose? Carlos Ruiz Zafón (author of The Shadow of the Wind), one of my favourite authors. He creates curiosity in his readers, his style beautifully cinematic and almost haunting. Romantic, descriptive, exciting and a page-turner. … Continue reading

Damn you pineapple tarts

Damn you pineapple tarts

So we’re in the midst of Chinese New Year here, and I’ve already gained 3 kilos from all the awesome food from open houses, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends that when I look down at the screen of my laptop, I can actually FEEL the double chin coming back. This is bad. Very bad. … Continue reading

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Errrrrr where the hell did January go? Did it just pack its bags and get on the first flight to Disappear? It’s already February, and with that comes Chinese New Year. I haven’t spent Chinese New Year with my extended family in 5 years. What I remember of it is receiving Ang Pow or “Red … Continue reading