About Me


In my pre-pubescent (and much younger) years, my life was comparable to a game of Pinball. My family and I bounced from country to country, so “constants” were few and far between. Though late in joining the Reader’s Club that my brother had so often teased me with, once I’d actually learned to read, it was like a can of Pringles had popped and I just could not stop. Books became my constant.

From boxes of cereal to the adventure fiction I adored, I devoured everything that crossed my path. With instructions from my father, I would write summaries of the books I’d read. With instructions from my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Jay, I would write short stories on a weekly basis. Today, I harness my passion for words by crafting them in my profession.

I see writing as a jigsaw puzzle of vocabulary. By assembling ones that fit perfectly together to form effective and coherent lines, I depict a picture without having to use the proverbial thousand words. Being both versatile and reliable, with an eagle eye for the faux pas, clients the likes of Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty magazine, MSN Malaysia, and iProperty Malaysia have made use of my services.

I try to spend the majority of my time creating, capturing, reading and writing. I also have a severe case of wanderlust.

Those looking to hire me for freelance work may do so here:


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