When the Electricity Goes Out

My ears start to focus on what’s going outside. All I can hear are the cars whizzing by, the rumblings of a nearby construction site, some indiscernible white noise, and even a few calling birds. My cat is chasing her tail, otherwise, the apartment would stand completely still. Stiller than ever. Not even empty nights could compete.

It’s times like these that cause you to really notice just how much one depends on electricity. Internet and television, the fan and the air-conditioning, the fridge and water heater, all of it. All of these things need electricity to function. There’s not even that high whining sound I’ve gotten so used to that I’ve somehow managed to tune it out.

I’m picking up a book, Tropical Madness by Marc De Faoite, and enjoying the sounds of the city in the morning. The early sun is warming my feet as they rest across the coffee table. The mynas continue their whistles and calls. It does not escape me that this is a rare moment.

Our electricity was cut today, and it’s the quietest Home has ever been.


2 thoughts on “When the Electricity Goes Out

  1. You would indeed be surprised at what wonderful things you discover when there is no electricity. Where I live the absence of electricity magnifies everything… from the beauty of the rolling mountains to the sound of the Ravens wings as he greets me in the morning.

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