Some People

Some People

Some people are big,

Some people are small,

Some people are neither,

But never “too tall”.

Some people have marks,

Or scars like Harry Potter’s,

But fair or dark,

We all still need water!

Some people have hair,

Some people are smooth,

Some people don’t even care

About the fountain of youth.

Brunette, blonde, black or red,

Hair can be long, short, or shaven.

It doesn’t matter what’s on your head,

what matters is what’s in your cranium!

Some people have a full set of teeth,

Some people have a missing piece,

Some peoples’ smiles we remember for weeks,

So forget not to grin, and use those cheeks!

Some people may look very different to you,

But treat them with kindness and not like poo,

Because just like you, all people have feelings,

And that’s what makes us human-beings.


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