Enderong Resort | Janda Baik, Malaysia

The Cottage, Enderong.

The jungle surrounds us like the surround sound of a Bose system, birds whooping and chirping, the wind rustling the leaves, the smell of impending rain. We arrived late (4 hours after check-in time, to be exact) after some last minute packing, planning and an hours’ drive.

Located in Tanarimba, this particular development of modernized kampung-style housing clings to the side of a ravine of mountainous proportions. Enderong provides a quick escape from the city sounds of Kuala Lumpur and is a great destination for a weekend getaway.


Tanarimba is an impressive piece of land that spans over 5,000 acres and it boasts most of this as forest reserve. It is a guarded development, so before arriving, we had to provide our car numbers in advance in order for the guards to wave us through. The road is called Jalan Tanarimba Pines and when we drove in, we were engulfed by pine trees that lined the road and accompanied us all the way up to our resort.

Our car engines shudder to a halt at the top of a steep hill at the bottom of our ‘cottage’. What we would think of as ‘silence’ suddenly overcomes this cool, damp carpet of trees. The ears try to focus on any sort of sound it can pluck out, but the cacophony of the jungle really puts nature sound CDs to shame, and we only realize that this music is a noise so overwhelmingly beautiful it makes us wonder why we stay and stress out in the city.

We are greeted, explained the rules, handed the keys and left alone to our own devices for the rest of our stay. The only complaint of this peaceful abode is that, though it provides an area where barbecues are allowed, they don’t actually provide ANYTHING to do with a barbecue. This meant we had to lug barbecue pits and all from the city.


We started barbecuing straight away (Wand is the genius behind our deliciously juicy barbecued lamb, as pictured) and enjoyed our evening, even when it rained. Being on a balcony, looking out into the jungle mist whilst the rain pours straight down, as a slight breeze kisses your face; this is something everybody should experience at least once in life. It is one of the most calming meditations one can ever hope to absorb.

We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore, and ate some more after that. And then some more! Oh, and we also played a little with some poi. And finally, we went to sleep and peace reigned until morning.


Fresh morning air, dew glinting like jewels that evaporate as the day slowly ages. We started the barbecue and then went for a stroll to check out the pool. An unexpected hide-away, the path that leads to the pool is shaded by trellises of vines that hang roots and flowers – a fairy-tail path of stone, overgrown with soft green moss. The pool is almost mint coloured, bordered by a fish pond and cleared garden area, with a barbecue pit and a waterfall, surrounded by jungle once more. Some stairs at the border of this clearing lead down to a small stream, hidden in the trees. No overpowering smell of chlorine to be found, and because of the low density of this resort, we happily found ourselves alone.

IMG_3399 IMG_3401 IMG_3403

The management didn’t rush us to get out by our opted “late check-out” and we found ourselves slowly packing the last of our items – bidding a farewell to nature by making sure we left no trace of trash behind, only a little of our souls.

At only RM800 per (weekend) night / RM600 per (weekday) night, The Cottage fits 10pax comfortably and is a steal for such a relaxing escape.


10 thoughts on “Enderong Resort | Janda Baik, Malaysia

  1. The place seems interesting. Wish to book The Cottage. However, quite concerns about the cleanliness of the rooms (ie. matress,and comforter), service and can we do our fishing at the pond? Would appreciate your feedback. Tq.

    • Hi Wendy!

      The cleanliness of the rooms is basic but clean enough! Bedsheets etc. have no funny smell and kitchen/fridge is clean. The only service you receive is the management waiting for your arrival, they pass you the keys and then leave you to do your private thing. They send someone around 8am with breakfast (Nasi Lemak and some other local delights like Kueh Koci). I don’t think fishing is allowed at the pond.

  2. Hi. Nice review. Do the rooms come with air-conditioning? How is the weather like? It looks cooling surrounded by all the trees and forest.

    • Hi! So sorry for the very very late reply! I don’t think the rooms had air-conditioning, but they had ceiling fans which were sufficiently cooling 🙂 It’s nice and cool up there, especially during rainy season. The weather, when I was there, was misty and cooling in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and rainy in the evening. But even when it rains, it’s calming to stand on the balcony and just listen to the pitter patter on the roof. Have a good trip if you decide to go! 🙂

  3. do they allow people to do some cooking there? Or if no1 is there, so no1 knows even if we cook there?

    Wondering if there is TV in the house as well

    Thanks in Advance

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