Colonial Café, The Majestic Hotel | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So a couple weeks ago I went to this place.


Located in the old wing (they call it the Majestic Wing) of this colonial heritage building – The Colonial Café gives us a feel (and taste) of what it might have been like to be in Malaya during the 1930s (if you were a high flier and of a certain influence).

The café boasts a luxurious interior combined with a menu of authentic cuisine of the colonial era and the music to complete your experience. The ambience is unlike any themed restaurant I’ve been to before and almost took me back in time (except instead of being waited on, I might have been the waitress).



Leather cushioned sofas, high ceilings and cottons so white that breathing on them might leave a stain, one wouldn’t imagine that they would serve my rice from a basket. But they did. The traditional way.



I ordered the Nasi Kunyit (steamed glutinous rice with turmeric and coconut milk and chicken rendang) and although the chicken was slightly overcooked, the rendang sauce was creamy with the perfect amount of spicy…just…mouthwateringly delicious.

Some other dishes we ordered were:


– Chicken wings (too good to miss)

– Prawns fried in batter (also really good – I’d still opt for the chicken wings though)


– Nasi Kunyit

– Chicken rice balls

– Lamb chops

… these obviously had fancier names on their menu, but I deftly didn’t note them down for you guys because this isn’t really a food blog, but hey, a themed restaurant and overly expensive food? I’m giving you guys the rundown so you know exactly what you’re in for if you decide to go!

So…wait for it…for 3 people it cost us RM550++

Yes. That’s almost RM200 per person. What the flying fandango?! On the day we decided to treat my mom. Yeah…not the smartest place to pick if you’re paying. But look at her, she’s so cute and happy looking (and that’s priceless)!


It’s a pretty place though, and full of heritage. We took a stroll around the hotel after lunch and snapped photos, like the utter (local) tourists that we are.


The Orchid Room (for private tea time functions)


The poolside (with a rooftop garden overlooking other colonial buildings in the area)


And I love the detail they put into the designing, even down to the art deco font they use in the parking lot! (And yes, they did charge for parking – RM10 to be exact…even after the nommy but extortionate lunch we had there..)


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