Broga Hill | Semenyih, Malaysia

On a half-planned whim, we decided to go hiking over the weekend, our fuel being 2 hours of sleep and some adventure.

We set off at 5am thinking that the earlier we get there, the more chance we’d have of missing the hoards. The drive took about an hour (because we weren’t quite sure where we were going and it was still dark) and when we got there, it was obvious to us where the turn in was…this was obvious because there was a long queue of cars, headlights cutting through the darkness to light up the palm oil plantation that was to be the beginning of our hike. We were very very wrong about beating the hoards.

The beginning of our adventure through the palm oil plantation was us speed-walking to overtake the snail slow line of weekenders, so we were already huffing by the time we got to the actual beginning of the hike uphill. I had done a bit of research on Broga Hill and reviews said that it was an easy hike up that would take between 25-45 minutes, so my expectations were some rolling hills with tall grass sprouting up like a full head of hair.

My expectations were wrong. It felt like we were scaling a mountain. Our level of fitness is quite embarrassing really. There were groups of kids climbing up without a problem and there we were, sweating masses of mass trying to catch our breath. We hiked through jungle, the path a dry dusty dirt path with deep cracks like scars on the face of the hill and footholds dug out for an easier climb. At some points there were ropes to hold onto and pull ourselves up.


We finally reached the peak of the first hill and saw the rolling hills. “Well”, we thought, “since we’ve reached the first peak, why don’t we just go all the way to the last hill?” (there were, what seemed to be, 4 hills). Specks of light danced along the grassy sides, showing us the amount of people that were ahead of us.

Our feeling of accomplishment when we finally reached the last hill was rewarded with a sunrise, whilst we sat on a large boulder swigging at our bottles. It was a lovely hike, but perhaps on a weekday it would be lovelier without the crowds. The hike took us approximately an hour, what with having to walk behind slow walkers (don’t you just hate that!?) … it obviously wasn’t our fitness that was to blame.







Broga Hill on Google Maps


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