The Chateau, Spa & Organic Wellness Resort | Berjaya Hills, Malaysia

So we got a free one night stay at this place…

“Modeled after an 18th century medieval ‘Haut Koenigsbourg’ castle in Alsace, France, The Chateau is the world’s first organic wellness spa resort offering the ultimate in health and wellbeing enrichment.”

The Chateau is situated in Berjaya Hills, about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. Surrounded by lush pine trees and jungle, you wouldn’t think this place could offer such luxury amidst such rugged serenity.


We arrived around 1PM to be greeted by name and personally attended to. We were shown to a lounge where the concierge brought us our organic welcome drinks as well as our check-in form. Easy, short and sweet.

[Did you know? “The term “concierge” evolved from the French Comte Des Cierges, The Keeper of the Candles, who tended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era.”]

We were then shown to our rooms by the same concierge that helped with our check-in. She then proceeded to explain the facilities they have within the room as well as that of the resort. The pool view with jungle back-drop was jaw-dropping.


4PM – Our complimentary hour+ long couple spa treatment was so good we wished it didn’t have to end. But it did. Sad times. No, really. Really sad times. The spa staff then gave us a tour of the spa facilities and we secretly took mental notes of what was complimentary (the steam room, sauna and jacuzzi).

Oily from the massage, we decided that a shower would probably be a good idea. We found our room cleaned up, the bed remade and two little dessert treats waiting for us with a description on a fancy bookmark saying: “Bay leaf infusions are used to soothe stomach ulsers and relieve flatulence.” (How did they know?!) We then got ready for dinner and decided to drive down to Colmar Tropicale (a small French-themed resort geared with arcade, fun fair game stalls, restaurants and gift shops). The drive was literally less than a minute, so we turned around and parked back at the hotel and walked down instead. Big time lazy fail.



We had a huge BBQ buffet dinner for RM55 per person. It was well deserved after such a rigorous day of relaxation. Went back to the hotel and spent some time in the jacuzzi, then went back to the room, sunk into the 100% organic bed linens and slept like logs.

This is a super kawaii me in their 100% organic cotton bath robe before bedtime.


We woke up at 7:45AM to join our complimentary hour long yoga class (which started at 8AM). Look at how zen we are.


How could we not be, with a view like this?


The yoga instructor was really friendly and funny, making us giggle occasionally whilst we tried our best to balance. Morning yoga really built up our appetites, which made the organic breakfast all the more gratifying. We gorged on fresh fruit juices (the best orange, pineapple and watermelon juices we’ve ever had), waffles, omelettes, smoked salmon, toast, yoghurt with fresh berries, crepes and tea.


Staying here made me realize that I should probably save more to afford this kind of thing. Wow. I mean really, wow. Omnomnom, slug slug slug, and after all that I felt like this –


This is the map of Berjaya Hills:


And this is their website:

A big thank you to Astute Xperience, the 8TV Quickie and The Chateau for such a wonderful stay!


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