The Day My Car Decided To Give Me A Big "F*** You"

I haven’t written in a while, not because I haven’t had the time but the flow just hasn’t come. You know what I mean? Perhaps you don’t, but if you do then good on you. Congratulations. Would you like a cookie? I don’t have a cookie, but I can point you in the right direction if need be. Now, the last time I wrote was around Chinese New Year. Those pineapple tarts have not left my sides…damn them. Since then I’ve been on a fair few adventures.

I went on a day trip one Sunday to Kellie’s Castle, Ipoh and Cameron Highlands. We’ve been on a birthday trip to Port Dickson. I’ve been on two trips to Chiang Mai and between all of that I’ve been enjoying good food, good company, hibernating and being at one with music. But you don’t want to know all that now do you?

Now, what can I story you in on? Oh I’ve got one! I shall tell you about the shitty day I had about half a year ago. I was still working as a sales assistant at a furniture store called Gudang, which has two outlets. One in Bangsar Shopping Centre and one at The Gardens. I was working at both. Yes, I have the amazing ability to split myself into two. What of it? So I drove to The Gardens one morning (the same day my dad and brother left to drive to Thailand – we left the apartment at the same time) and I realized that I was supposed to be working at BSC.

I started my car, thinking “Sh*t f*ck sh*t I’m going to be late for work” and as I was reversing, the front of the car fell. Yes…it fell. I got out, looked at the car, looked at the front and the body of the car was resting on the tire. How the heck does that even happen? I call my dad and luckily he wasn’t too far away and drove back. Thinking that he couldn’t get into the season parking at The Gardens, I lock my car and start walking when my dad calls and says it wouldn’t be necessary, so I walk back to my car to wait and what do I find when I look through the window? My keys sitting nicely on the drivers’ seat. So I called my responsible father who had extra keys made.

Eventually got the car out and to the workshop. All this happened before 11 AM mind you! I decided to stay home that day in case something worse could possibly happen through the course of the day because I’m a pansy like that. And that, boys and girls, was the day I thought “Well…it could have been worse…it could have happened tomorrow when my dad would already have been in Thailand. That would have sucked.”

Have a fun July! ☺

I just realized I lied about being able to split into two but my story deemed that invalid. Damn.


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