Damn you pineapple tarts

So we’re in the midst of Chinese New Year here, and I’ve already gained 3 kilos from all the awesome food from open houses, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends that when I look down at the screen of my laptop, I can actually FEEL the double chin coming back. This is bad. Very bad.

It’s time to stop stuffing my face with pineapple tarts (which is just about the best thing about this time of year – that and love letters aka Kueh Kapit) but…like a moth to a light, they just seem to somehow fly to my mouth and into my belly. Om nom nom.

You know you shouldn’t, but you do. I can’t help but keep eating them, until I feel sick. And then when I don’t feel as sick as I did (but still a little sick) I top up the sickness by having another. Life is only short when you make it short by stuffing your face until you burst. Ironic that that’s ‘food for thought’ mua ha ha (okay that was a bit lame).

Hope you’re all having an amazing Chinese New Year! Don’t spend your ang pow all at once!! (I should really start practicing what I preach… :p ;))


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