Laneway Festival 2011 in Singapore

I had heard about Laneway Festival not more than a week ago, but soon found the lineup to be unmissable and got right on it like donkey kong. In other words, pretty damn quick. This unmissable lineup consisted of:


And by golly it’s the best SGD 110 I’ve ever spent. Sure it may have rained pretty much the WHOLE time we were there, and sure, it was outdoors and I felt like I might be partaking in a mud wrestle (that’d have been awesome and all but I had silk on – yeah…I’m clever and cool like that) but the atmosphere was just amazing and everyone was just so chilled. The rain did not dampen my mood, just everything else of mine. I didn’t even have to blink to keep my eyes hydrated, the rain kept them puh-retty wet. At least they gave us ponchos. I’m not really sure how I got so drenched, even with the poncho on. Maybe it was because (I thought) I could see better without the hood and the rain slithered it’s way down my back like a sneaky snake. Damn you sneaky rain! You wriggly water you.

We arrived looking all good – clean and dry, and left looking like we’d been through a flood to the edge of the Earth and back (if it were flat), then climbed a tall tree and slipped and fell, making sure to hit all the branches on the way down. There haven’t been many occasions where I’ve really really appreciated a hot lathery shower as much as I appreciate electricity and the internet but this? This was definitely one of them. I also realised that I really appreciate a toilet that provides toilet roll and that doesn’t smell like it’s been washed with urine, dipped in poop and then shaken like a martini.

I successfully managed to not slip over in the mud because we’d taken our shoes off and hid them high up in a tree. Genius right? Nice one Errol! Best thing about Singapore is you don’t really have to worry about stuff getting stolen.

The bands were crazy good. Especially Yeasayer and Foals. Oh Foals, how I’d been waiting so long to see you guys live. Om nom nom.

Got back to Errol’s after having some grub (grubby as we were) and took the best shower in the world, conked out and slept through my alarm (to Henry’s utter dismay). So, I didn’t hurt myself whatsoever at this festival of mud and glorious music, but in the morning, while packing away the fold up bed thing, Errol spilled Henry’s water and I slipped and fell because of it. Pulled a muscle in my thigh. I had a Lois moment (when she falls over and goes “ooooohhh ssssssss ahhhhhh ssssss ooooohhhhh”) but instead of saying that, mine went more along the lines of “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuuuuuu**”. Then we went to Orchard, and I slipped and fell AGAIN. Oh boy, golly gee wizz did that hurt like a motherffffff-flower. So now I’ve got a bit of a limp, like I’ve got a peg leg. I think I need to kit myself out in pirate gear – eye patch, hook hand, parrot, pirate hat and all so as to have the full effect of this limp I’ve got going on.


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