End of the Year is so Near (I am such a poet…)


So the year is coming to an end. Is it just me or did 2010 sprint by faster than a snatch thief? Only that it didn’t steal my bag. I sometimes wonder whether our lives are futile in the attempt to find meaning in something uncontrollable. Woah I’m not sure where that came from, but there you have it.

Sitting at work. It’s nearly Christmas.

How can parents stand that some fictional fat stranger dressed in red (Thank you Coca Cola, you marketing vultures) takes all the credit of present giving, when the rents are the ones that worked hard to earn pieces of paper that can be traded for goods? Man, one day if and when I have kids, they’re gonna be writing letters to ME.

Thought: The post office must make so much money from kids sending letters to “the North Pole”. I bet they just look at the address and take the money for “sending” it (to the shredder).

So yeah, they’ll be starting off their letters with “Dear Mummy, I’ve been really good this year so may I have …”(surely I am more likely to know whether my kids have been naughty or nice so…take that fat man) and when they’ve been naughty I’ll get them something educational instead of coal. The kids’ll love that HA! Suckaaaas!

But I digress because the point of this post was actually to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and fulfilling New Year.

P.S. “Santa” if you’re reading this, stop breaking into peoples houses and eating their cookies and drinking their milk. Does anybody else not find that just a little bit odd?

I’d leave out celery sticks if anything. Realistically, it’s not exactly healthy for him to eat all those cookies and drink all that milk. I mean, there are six billion +++ people in the world. Imagine how many cookies and how much milk he stuffs his face with every year. No wonder he’s so fat.

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