Me Tarzan.

Woke up at stupid o’clock today (8AM) to go to Pavilion to set up the hundreds of butterflies I’ve been cutting out. So far I’ve cut out approx 866 butterflies from card. 866. 866!!!!!!! If numbers could be in capitals (cos’ when things are written in capitals I imagine whatever is written as if it’s being shouted – it just has more impact) then that would definitely DEFINITELY be in capitals. That’s a lot of butterflies.

Anyway, stupid o’clock. Had 7 hours sleep though so wasn’t too bad. My brother drove my mum and I there, and on the way 2 motorcycles cut in front of the car. My brother literally (metaphorically) turned into Hulk for a second, and said “Is it bad that I wish they would crash and that I could see it happen?” Yes, yes it is.

Got to Pavilion, had an iced Latte. Mmm…iced Latte…mouthgasm! Then played Tarzan, swinging on ropes and stuff, sticking butterflies to walls. Okay so maybe it wasn’t “ropes” and maybe it was a ladder and instead of “swinging” it was “clinging to for dear life” but still, TARZAN! Not Jane. Me Tarzan.

So finished that, went for lunch (I had Yong Tau Foo…mmm…Yong Tau Foo) and bubble milk tea, only the greatest drink with tapioca balls in it in existence EVER. (Haha…I typed “balls”). Then I had to head back to Bangsar to go to work. On the way back, ironically enough, 2 guys on a motorcycle crashed cos’ a lady in a car cut them off. Talk about crashing in S.L.O.W. M.O.T.I.O.N.! So I called my brother up and told him about it. It made him happy.

Got to work, nearly choked to death on my own saliva – whilst being laughed at. No worries guys, I’m fine!

I wonder what else is in store for me today, since I’m here for another 5 hours and 18 minutes. Countdown begins. Beep…beep…

Chuck Norris facts are funny.


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