Boys Noize @ Zouk, Kuala Lumpur, Wed 6th October 2010

Boys Noize AKA Alexander Ridha, 28, hailing all the way from Germany kick started his “Boys Noize Over Asia Tour 2010” in Kuala Lumpur, and what a way to start!

It was held in Zouk, in conjunction with the club’s 10th anniversary. Walking to the venue alone, you could feel the crowd’s excitement (to be fair my excitement was enough for the whole crowd). Arriving at around 23.30 seemed like a good time to arrive, as the line was just starting to extend along the side of the venue.

For a VERY reasonable price of RM 35 (this included a complimentary drink voucher, and yes I didn’t realise this until I got home and actually looked at the piece of paper they gave me – my reaction being a valid “DAMN IT!”) I was surprised to find, when walking in, that there were much less people than I expected. But I also then realised that Boys Noize himself wasn’t going to be playing until late.

In pre-build up to the peak of the night (being Boys Noize obviously) Goldfish, Jee Hoe and Hypeembeats did a great job getting the crowd hyped and ready for the showdown.

At first there was space to dance. Then suddenly, there was no space. As soon as we heard the crackle of the mic announce that Boys Noize was about to come on, the venue was suddenly heaving, body heat eminating and reiterating the fact that THE MAN HIMSELF was about to come on. People started pushing towards the DJ console, in anticipation of the set to come.

Kicking off his set with “Jeffer”, it’s safe to say the feeling of enrapturement amongst every single person was mutual. An eruption of screams and wooing ensued and continued throughout the night. Bashing out some massive tunes like “My Moon, My Man”, “& Down”, his new songs “1010” and “Yeah”, he smashed it and blew our minds. He even boshed out Swedish House Mafia’s “One” (Congorock Remix), which the crowd literally went wild for.

His brilliantly executed set was done with style and came naturally for someone so talented. Let’s be honest, we expected it to be good, but this really exceeded our expectations.

Lapsap ended the night with a bang, leaving us wanting more. Even though playing Boys Noize songs after his set as well as Kings of Leon might have been a bit unconventional considering it’s a completely different music genre altogether, it got everyone singing to it nonetheless, leaving us one big happy satisfied community.


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