Avalon At Large & Jet Black JW F1 Party, Singapura

I should really start at the beginning for this, but in a short and simple way. Right.

1) I went for an interview in Singapore (I didn’t get the job – sob sob) and my mum and I stayed in Chinatown at a hotel called The Club by Harry’s Hospitality. On the day we were leaving my mum decided to book a taxi well in advance. As we were waiting for it, a guy in the lobby was looking especially agitated because he couldn’t get a taxi and would be late for an important meeting.

2) My mum likes to help out helpless looking Gweilo (‘ghost man’ in Cantonese. AKA white man.) and offered to drop him off on our way to the airport. Turns out that he was the head of security for an event called Avalon, and nice enough he returned the kind deed by asking me to come along for it.

3) Awesome.

4) Came back to SG a week later for the event. Major Lazer, Flo Rida, Steve Aoki, Steve Angello, Above & Beyond. EPIC. THANK YOU MR. FABRICE VILDER YOU LEGEND! šŸ™‚

5) Also went for the F1 party with some friends. Lots of booze, lots of fun and lots of pictures. I sported my new geek chic glasses that night.

6) My point: Singapore is epic. That long weekend was epic. And now I’m just bragging.


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