OTT boutique hotels, Kinokuniya and the Singaporeans

Location: Singapore

Leaving the house at the age of 20 and I still get asked “Passport? Tickets? Keys? Money? Phone? Charger?” Yes, yeah. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yup. And yeah, for good measure.

Taking the bus to Singapore from Malaysia? 5 1/2 hours. All I could think about? “Aw man, I forgot to lock my suitcase. That suitcase is down in the storage part of the bus. What if someone is down there stealing my laptop!?” Yes, for 5 and a half hours. Lesson to learn? NEVER EVER LEAVE VALUABLES IN A BAG YOU’RE GONNA PUT AWAY IF YOU’RE AS SILLY AS I AM.

The bus ride wasn’t spent alone though. My grandmother came with me to visit the relatives. I can’t speak a word of chinese and she’s not especially fluent in English but we managed to get our messages across through hand signals, speaking slowly and slightly louder (as if that ever works) and vacancy in our eyes when we didn’t understand each other. What did we manage to get across to each other? Food, toilet and a confirmation of her traveling back with me on Thursday. I might bring up quantum physics on the trip back.

She is a super cute old chinese woman with the most youthful feet I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope my feet look as youthful at 84 years of age.

Arrived in Singapore eventually. My uncle and aunt picked us up, they love each other a lot. I can tell because they tell each other off in the funniest way. “Keep to your left.” *Lifts arm and points to the left whilst blocking the mirror* “How to see when your arm is in the way?!” My grandmother and I sat in the back giggling. The relationship is pretty equal though, I think that’s why they work so well together.

I tried frog for dinner. Frog tastes like chicken. Although I do wonder, if I had eaten frog before I’d ever tried chicken whether I’d say that chicken tastes like frog instead of the other way around. In conclusion, they taste like each other.

We’re staying in a boutique hotel called the Scarlet. It’s completely OTT and super dark. They can afford to provide Hermes soap, shampoo and conditioner, but they can’t afford to light the place properly. Hermes soap is more important though…right? Pretty extravagant. The location is superb, near Chinatown, surrounded by old buildings. Gutting I don’t have a proper camera with me.

Been to Kinokuniya, my favourite bookstore ever. Borders follows closely because Kinokuniya dropped in my expectations when I spied Twilight dolls in one of their little exhibit box space things. Oh Kinokuniya, why did you have to go and do that? Other than that, I LOVE THE PLACE! Had to buy a design book (Designing design by Kenya Hara), already on chapter 3. One day I shall have a book room, and in this book room I shall have all the design books I could ever want.

Oh yeah and the purpose of this trip is to design an installation piece for a store in Tangs department store (Santorini). Very exciting times!! Pictures shall make their way on here I’m sure.


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